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Moh's Martial Arts is now LVLUP Martial Arts! New name, same team! We are a purpose-driven Martial Arts school that uses Martial Arts as a vehicle to enrich our students' lives on and off the mats. 

Our Purpose: 

We build Physical, Mental, and Emotional strength. We LVLUP lives through Martial Arts. We are the most Positive community on the planet!

Community Values:

  • We are Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, and Kind.

  • We are Clean, Organized, and Polished.

  • We make a Positive Difference in the World

  • We are Relentless in our Learning and Improvement.

  • We make Healthy choices. 

Our Curriculum:

Our system is based on traditional Songahm Taekwondo but we have evolved our curriculum to include a thoughtful selection of material from other styles in order to build our students into more capable athletes and confident individuals.


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